Virtual Notes

Are you looking for the space to share your words of gratitude to healthcare departments and essential workers? If yes, then you have landed to the right place to spread the Luv.  Your few words of kindness may change the recipients’ life in some ways.  A virtual note would go to someone who is isolated away from their loved ones in facilities such as nursing home, patients in hospitals or the front line workers making this possible!  These notes will be used to remind our community that we are thinking of them and keeping them in our hearts. So, send a note today, spread a smile, make someones day! 

Virtual notes guidelines:

  1. Create a note, preferably handwritten that reflects positivity, cheerfulness, kindness, thankfulness and encouragement
  2. Include your first name and  location (i.e. New York, New Mexico) you are writing from; no other personal information needed
  3. Save your note as an image by simply taking a picture from your phone or camera
  4. Please email your kind note(s) via email to ma[email protected]  Also, please mention in the email, if you are interested to send your note to a specific facility

Please note, your note may become virtually available on our website. If you are not interested in sharing your kind note on the website for others to see please inform us in advance!