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Our goal

At MasksWithLuv, our goal is to connect our community by distributing handmade masks and handmade/electronic notes to nursing homes, retirement homes and adults with medical disabilities. We also would like to thank our essential front line staff with notes for all the help provided to our community!

If this interests you, please take some time out of your day and support this great cause. click on our virtual notes and/or masks donation tab to learn more!

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Who are we

Hi, my name is Arshia Chhabra! This has been a tough time for all of us, but it is very important to be there for each other and build our community up. I volunteer at a local assisted living and memory care center, but when we were faced with this situation I was disappointed to find out I couldn't help out any more in person. It got me thinking, how can we give back to our community during these hard times? Nursing homes and many other facilities can’t have any visitors limiting their contact with their loved ones. I put together some old sewing skills and took out those color pencils and started something to help bring some cheer to residents and aid to staff in nursing homes, adult illness facilities, hospitals, essential workers, and any facility I could think use some cheering up. I worked on creating this platform to make this possible. I reached out to my cousin and brother to help make this platform possible,and to spread it to as many people as possible. We ALL can help just one card and one mask at a time. The goal: Let's make someone's day. I am so glad we can all work together and give back to our community and spread a smile virtually! This is incredibly important to me, I believe it is really in our hands to make the best out of this difficult time
Hi! My name is Aryav Batra and I’m going to be a junior this coming school year. We are going through a tough time as a community, and as cousins we thought this would be a nice way to help others by lifting spirits for those practicing social distancing in facilities away from their loved ones.We really hope to achieve our goal and put a smile on someone's face.
Hi! My name is Arnav Chhabra and I’m going to be a freshman this coming school year. I am so excited to be a part of coordinating the delivery of masks and cards, with my passion for art to give back to our community! I think it is very important to stay connected with those who are in organizations where they have maintained social distance from their loved ones!